Wednesday, January 31, 2007

CV Headline: I came from the futire

"About Me:
Strangely it may seem, but I've noticed that what I am doing today, others do couple years after.

Instead of being a follower I prefer to be a leader. I never fail to do what I believe is right and I don’t care what other people think about me. Not a

good sign but again, I se a term of 'being successful' as making it despite all adversity, rather than making it by using other people's weaknesses. No

wonder, I have no money, but again, although being "loaded" is commonly used as a measure of being successful, this does not apply to my view and it is not

a true measure of "success". Personally I'd rather be a poor free man, rather that rich slave.

Apart from having a Can Do attitude, which means that I'd rather have a go on doing something, rather than talking about it, I am

also easily bored so I prefer chaotic environment, no wonder admin is not quite my cup of tea.

I guess I prefer to work with people that can inspire me, both creatively and spiritually (although I am not a religious person). "

I actually admire his enthusiasm. I also love the fact that he comes from the 'futire', but I'm not sure whether I'd be curious or scared to meet this guy.

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Anonymous said...

Thats great!!! I was laughing for a while...still kinda am! I've had hell with my previous employees and some funny resumes myself...but nothing ever like this! lol

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