Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pay Per Click

This one needs a brief introduction - If you're not already aware, "Pay Per Click" is the standard (and one of the most used methods) within Online Marketing.

As always for a recruiter, people who don't have a skill will often try to convince you they do. Often their definition of 'expert' means they once walked passed someone whose brother made coffee for someone with that skill . Usually they're easy to spot, sometimes they blag it well.

So back to PPC. A candidate phoned in and after a brief discussion about his skills, I asked him if he had experience of Pay Per Click, to which he replies no, but he could do the job anyway. After an explanation that isn't how it works and with nothing else for him, I requested a resume and left it there.

This email arrives -

"Dear xxxxxx, thanks very much for your interest. I misheard you on the telphone as saying "paper click" or "paperclip" which I assumed was some specialist software. I am familiar with Google Pay Per Click.

I think I can probably extend mty current temp contract as I have a good commute and I am fairly happy.

What I need is a job where I can prove myself. at the risk of sounding big headed, when I think of Google pay per click, the words "piece of p___" wedge themselves in my brain.

Please don't take this the wrong way, I have every respect for you as a person but it does aggreive me when people don't realise how employable I actually am, although self-praise is no reccomendation."

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Jennifer said...

Wow. That truly is aggrevious.

MrPages said...

The number of different defense tactics in that message is very impressive. Maybe you should hire him after all.

Chris Latragna said...

Awesome!! I bet you really got a kick out of that email message.

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Brittney said...

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