Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm going to win the Nobel Peace Prize !

Received today

"I belive that weakness is the first level of strength,
given the right attitude and driving force. My school advised me to fix my punctuality by taking work experience with the army. This went excellent, and I came out with fantastic results and in the top three in the physical 3k run. My mediocre gr ades do not reflect my true abilities and standards. I am dedicating my future to socialisticly unite the third world countries through the use of media. I can drive, however I am still in the process of getting my license. I have the more than the high levels of energy than required for any job. I am also looking for new media investors. My goal in life is to win the nobel pe*ace* prize through the next big buisness. Global Psychological Reconstruction. I believe in the qoute "who cares wins", and would love to work abroad, America, Japan, etc."

then later, under skills -

"Cleaning skills:- bleaching, pot washing, window cleaning, mopping, e.t.c"

I think I'm still scared by the fact that someone thought it would be a good idea to 'cure' his punctuality problem by putting him somewhere near guns.

Looks like we're back on track ! Yay !

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