Thursday, October 04, 2007

hav u seen mi gr8 resume ?

Wow, it's been another whole month since my last post. Sorry readers.

Today's wonderfully written gem is below. Enjoy.

"6/2007 - Present - Supermarket Sales Assistant
i as a online shopper .our dept,its called grossory online.i m a shopper,n do all the work in absence of supervisour n manager.managing the dept well.i.e doing paper work,making sure tht we have enough shoppers n drivers 2 make sure the deliverys is on time,allocating vans to drivers n work to shoppers accordingly."

I love these people dearly you know.

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Anonymous said...

Hi nice blog .I need to post resumes .can anybody send links of that sites.
Thank you.........

Farmer Joe said...

This is an interesting post. I guess if you can't even type a logical sentence, it might be too much to suggest that the users might be a little wiser to try a resume writing service like but it is obvious that even a site like Pongo resume (a dumbed down, automatic, budget resume editor) would have done worlds for this pathetic soul.

Anonymous said...