Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009 !

Hope you all had a good Christmas and are pleasantly bloated, vaguely promising yourself that you will make the trips to the gym this year.

Remember, when you're out of work, there are a few options to consider ;

1, Update your resume (ideally with some dumb mistake for me to mock)
2, Go networking
3, Visit the online job boards
4, Pay $1200 for a billboard, advertising yourself as a 'Stylopolitan'

uh, wait, wtf ?

oh yes, really, it's all there in Dallas -

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NamelessEmployee said...

Your page is awesome. I'm a blogger who simply bitches about work, but I'm glad that you can find humor in yours! If I come across any amazingness in a resume, I will definately send it your way. Feel free to check me out as well. :)

Anonymous said...

That's actually brill.

Anonymous said...

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