Monday, February 19, 2007

Warrior, Yogi, Spiritual Leader, Sports God and Piss Master

"5 top skills or characteristics
listening skills
xtremely good communication skills
target driven
internally motivated - warrior type though I enjoy yoga very much ;-)

Icons 2 follow:
Mahatma Gandhi /ethics/
Michael Jordan /sport, business

top business achievements?
In December I signed quite a substantial deal run ... campaign for them in Portugese [Brazil], Chinese, Japanese & Arabic.
The best bit - I was competing with .... colleagues in DE & FR :-) What was quite interesting as well - we were able to get the contract event though we charged the client higher management fee that our colleagues from DE & FR!
now I can take a moderate piss at my colleagues from Paris & Frankfurt 2 keep their adrenaline at the right level"

I'm sure Gandhi would have approved.

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Anonymous said...

Hi nice blog .I need to post resumes .can anybody send links of that sites.
Thank you.........

Anonymous said...

Just a moderate piss? Why not a full-blown like-a-racehorse piss?